Does that drip keep you up at night?

The past decade has proven an increasing demand for water in our homes, industry, and agriculture, resulting in water shortages in many parts of the United States.

In certain parts of Texas homeowners can only water their lawn on Thursday’s between 5pm and 10pm.

One can only assume that this upward trend will continue and this, together with the effects of global warming and the climatic uncertainties of the future, increase the need to conserve and carefully manage our water supplies.

Fast facts about the water in your your home:
-Older toilets use 3.7-7 gallons per flush
-Dishwashers use 8-14 gallons per cycle
-Top-loading washing machines use 45 gallons/load
-A dripping faucet wastes 15-21 gallons per day

-US water users withdraw enough water to fill a line of Olympic-size swimming pools reaching around the world EVERY DAY (300 billion gallons)

-Although our planet is 71 percent water, humans depend on a mere .65 percent of the water for survival – much of which is polluted.

-About a quarter of the nation’s largest industrial plants and water treatment facilities are in serious violation of pollution standards at any one time.

-An estimated 7 million Americans are made sick annually by contaminated tap water; in some rare cases this results in death. (Bay Area water is some of the safest in the nation)

How can you help conserve?
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