Marketing for the new generation

Give me your best marketing pitch and tell me why it works.

I’ve had to get a little creative with my listings. It seems every listing agent has a website (www.123Main.com) for their listings these days, and some even have a virtual tour. But in this here “Information Age” my clients want more. Something different. Something that “tells it like it is.”

I was checking out YouTube one afternoon and came across a video of this guy who was taking the viewer on a video tour of his neighborhood. Then it hit me. Why not do the same thing for my listings? So I did a quick search and realized that very few agents were doing this. Seize the day!

I took my little PowerShot camera, turned it on video mode, and did an unedited walking tour of the house. It was raw, uncut, and REAL. You could hear everything from the traffic on the street to the clicking of my heels on hardwood floors. Here is a sample:


Whaddya think?

So I did it again on another listing. This time, something amazing happened! The Contra Costa Times found my YouTube video via CraigsList. They wanted to write an article on what I was doing. Here is a link to that:


Two days later, KCBS AM740 calls up and wants to do an interview to air on the radio. Wow! Ok, why not?


So then…KRON 4 calls! Ok, this is getting a little crazy. It seems I am on to something here. Click here to see me on the 6:00 news, Dec. 23, 2006:


But wait, NBC 11 wants to do a feature story on what I have been doing.

Creative marketing? You betcha! So why does this work? It’s new, it’s hip, and it sells. Just ask the buyers of my latest listing.