Childproof your home in minutes!

So my daughter is becoming mobile. I got down on all fours, which, coincidently is right at her level, and went exploring through my house. Oh the things that I saw. Oh man, we are in for it.

As I am taking her around to other people’s homes I am realizing how unsafe many homes are for the tots in our lives. The holidays are upon us…is your home safe for all of the new additions to the family?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mark Altman, founder and owner of The Childproofer, a company which specializes in creating safer spaces for kids. I met Mark at the home of one of his clients and was able to see firsthand how important it is to make sure your home is safe.

Click the following link to hear a few things Mark has to say:

And be sure to check out to see if you are housing any poisonous plants in your home.

Be safe and happy holidays.