Welcome back

After returning to work from a nice, long holiday vacation, what do I see in the headlines?

1. “Feeling Misled on Home Price, Buyers Sue Agent.”
2. “Foreclosures are up by 67.8% nationwide.”
3. “World Braces for Subprime Fallout.”
4. “Hold on for a Recession.”

Wow, this is depressing. No wonder the housing market is in trouble. Look at what the media is doing to it.

This is what my client sees first…the headlines. Most of my clients are internet saavy and begin a lot of their research online and can’t help but see the headlines. What is my response? Don’t believe everything that you read. Sure, there is truth to a lot of it, but if the media didn’t make it “interesting,” then no one would read the papers anymore.

For me, this opens the door for conversation.

Our market is still a unique one, a “boutique” market if you will. I am still seeing multiple offers out there. Sure, they are no longer a dime-a-dozen, but they are there. In fact, one client just lost out on a house in the Temescal to 4 other offers…and she was all cash and over the asking price.

So go ahead and read those headlines, but remember that the media is also a business, and without intriguing headlines to get people to pick up the paper, they would have no business.