Aye, what a messy closet you have

Let me set the mood: I am with a buyer, we walk into a multi-million $ house up in the hills, admire the stunning views from the living room, imagine cooking dinner on the gleaming Viking Range, walk on the refinished hardwood floors through the hallway, open up a closet in one of the bedrooms and *BOOM* its time to duck and cover for fear of being hit by one of the many boxes or shoes stuffed into the closet- stuffed in there, probably, that morning.


They can’t be serious.

How many times has this happened to you? Perhaps in your own home? You open those closets, and immediately shut them for fear of what you might find.

Bring in Dana Arkinzadeh, owner of DMA Organizing. I met with her last month and she had these great tips on how to maximize your closet space, AND keep it organized.

I think I should pass on her info to the owners and agent of the home in the hills.