Woah, Nelly. That is some growth.

Hold on, everyone. The headline in the paper this morning says “East Bay population continues to grow.” 2.5 million. Yessiree, 2.5 million peeps living in the good ol’ East Bay.

2007: 22,805 new people joined our culturally rich, food-savvy, have-you-changed-out-your-flourescent-lightbulbs-yet community. That is enough people to fill the city of El Cerrito alone.

This is an increase of 0.93% from 2006.

Here’s the kicker: the growth didn’t come from the kiddies. Last year there were 29,289 fewer East Bay kids between the ages of 5 and 13 than there were in 2002.

The median age in Alameda County rose to 37.1 in 2007, up from 36.8 in 2006, and in Contra Costa County, the median age was 37.9 last year, up from 37.8 in 2006 and 36.4 in 2000.
So what does this tell me? Looks like a few people are going to be needing homes this year.