Are you being greenwashed?

Everywhere you turn, it’s green this, green that. I feel like my skin is turning green! But just how green are the products you are using?

I recently met with Becky Hatt, an Interior Designer with HAUS, an interior design and architecture firm which specializes in green building. “Companies are starting to capitalize on all of the hype surrounding the green movement,” said Becky, “just how green are some of the products these companies are producing and what are their environmental practices? Perhaps the material is green, but was child labor used to manufacture it?”

“Bamboo, which is probably the most popular green material on the market, is readily available and is completely renewable. Just be sure the manufacturer didn’t chop down another forest to grow their bamboo.”

The industry has coined this “greenwashing.”

When I sat down with Becky, she showed me some of the newest green options available in flooring, many of which are completely affordable. You can hear what Becky had to say by clicking below:

Becky has these tips on how you can avoid becoming greenwashed:

1. Look for wood floors with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.

2. Bamboo is not the only solution: there is an amazing array of wood materials from sustainable sources.

3. Working with a professional who can really assess your needs, whether it is a designer or one of the great local environmental building centers, can help you achieve a great, sustainable solution.

You can reach Becky at:

Becky Hatt
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