Real Estate is like the San Francisco 49ers

I love the 49ers. I’ve been a Niner’s girl for a long time. Each week I watch with hope, excitement, and anticipation…anticipation for that almighty touchdown. Of course, most weeks they don’t come through.

But look at the history of football…football can be categorized in cycles: some weeks you are up, some you are down. Some seasons you are up, some seasons you are down.

The ultimate goal for football players is to reach the light, the great Oz, the Super Bowl. Each year the niners get better, then they falter. Then they get better. Then they falter. But soon, they will be back at the Super Bowl. (Come now, ye of little faith!) How could they not? They were the first team to win a record 5 Super Bowls.

Housing and economic cycles are also characterized by long periods of ups and downs. Today the dow closed 777 points down. Home resales are down. Average sales prices are down. Foreclosures are up. The Niners stink (did I say that?).

Catch my drift?

The Dow has historical drops every seven years. Most real estate agents suggest you hold your real estate seven years. The Niners? Well, clearly they are overdue.

“What the hell is Krista talking about” you say? Right now the future appears dismal for many homeowners and Niner’s fans alike. Fear, concern and doubt plague most who read the headlines. Just like I have hope for the Niners, I have hope for Bay Area real estate. My advice to you is to hold on tight. Afraid? Stop reading the headlines and start talking to professionals. In trouble? Keep fighting.

The good news? The Niner’s can’t get much worse.