Rally for Laurie Capitelli, Marin Circle, Berkeley

Yesterday some fellow “Oakies,” as we call ourselves (people who work for Red Oak Realty), and I met at Marin Circle in Berkeley to show our support for our Broker, Laurie Capitelli, who happens to be running for re-election in Berkeley’s City Council District #5.

We, along with some good ‘ol tummy warming Peet’s, met at the circle at 7:30am and were greeted by honks, high fives, loud cheers, and some not-so-cheerful cheers.

I swear 65% of those driving through the circle were driving Prius’, and of thos 65%, 35% were blue. Very Democratic.

Here is what was so suprising to me: Marin Circle is awfully busy at 7:30 in the morning. People coming from the Arlington, down Marin, up Marin, down from Thousand Oaks, into Thousand Oaks, ’round and ’round the Circle. People driving everywhere, each with a different agenda: passengers reading the daily newspaper, holding a cup of coffee and hoping it doesn’t spill; kids in the back seat playing with their iPod’s or other handheld devices; parents running late to drop off their kids; women putting on some last minute makeup (I even saw someone driving who was doing this).

Many people weren’t paying attention; some pedestrian’s and bicyclists were almost hit.

But for the most part, people were friendly. I realized that even if these people didn’t agree with Laurie, as long as they started their day with a honk and a wave, all would be well in the world. But start your day with a grunt and a groan, no amount of coffee will help your day.

(In this picture, I am 3rd from the right)