Future of Point Isabel in Richmond

A developer is proposing to amend Richmond’s general Plan Land Use Map from Light Industrial to a Regional Commercial District, demolish all buildings at 2700 Rydin td and 4903 Central Ave., and construct a 99,000 square foot Kohl’s department store with almost 400 parking spaces near Costco on Pt. Isabel.  The plan also inclsudes reservation of a 76,000 square foot pad for chain restaurants, a bank, and other retail uses directly on the corner of Central and Rydin. 

A separate plan will prohibit left turns onto I-80 at Central Ave and make the I-580 on-ramp at the corner of Central Ave. and Rydin the main freeway access to Oakland/San Francisco.  The shoreline already hosts 1.2 million visitors to Pt. Isabel Regional Shoreline per year, Costco and Costco Gas, and the N. Cal USPS Bulk Mail Center.  Adding a Kohl’s and other shopping/dining would not only increase traffic congestion and add air pollution and garbage, but it would disrupt the Albany/Richmond mudflats and wetlands.

Does this concern you?  If so, please attend the Richmond City Council meeting TONIGHT.  Your attendance could encourage the City Council to conduct a full environmental impact report and a proper traffic review which are needed to accurately assess the proposed development on this stretch of shoreline.  This will be the last chance the public has to oppose this major land use change. 

And please, don’t let another big box chain enter our area.