Rubber Chickens?

Yesterday I took some client’s out to take a look at a four houses.  At 2 of the houses, neither of which are related, we found chickens.  Rubber chickens.  Yes, rubber. 

In all of my years in the biz I have never come across rubber chickens, yet on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I came across two.

The first chicken was quite a suprise.  We were in a lovely condo near the beach in Alameda.  The seller was at home, packing up boxes, getting ready to vacate.  We opened up the coat closet and there on the ground, amongst coats and brooms, was a rubber chicken.  “Ok, this is odd,” we said, and promptly closed the closet door.  We left, not really thinking much more about it.

The next house we saw was a quaint 2 bedroom house in Oakland, complete with crisp views of San Francisco.  After looking through the house we noticed the enormous backyard and ventured out to see the view.  The backyard is terraced and railroad ties are used throughout.  Atop one of the ties we saw something, and upon further investigation we determined it was…yes, another rubber chicken.

Two rubber chickens in one day.  Rubber chickens at 50% of the homes viewed that day.  Now that is odd.  Would someone PLEASE tell me what this means?  I mean the rubber chicken is the pinnacle of humor, a gag joke at its best.  I remember reading something about one of Rudy Giuliani’s opponents twirling rubber chickens around the citizenry, perhaps it is the Bay Area where they landed.