The Latest in Design Trends

Whether your budget is small or large, here are some design essentials you should know when it comes time to spruce up your home.

Top 10 inexpensive ways to freshen up your home

1. Buy new towels for the bathroom
2. Upgrade outdoor lighting
3. Install new doorknobs and caminet handles
4. Make a centerpiece for your dining room table
5. Buy a new mailbox
6. Polish or replace your house numbers
7. Place fresh flowers or houseplants around the home
8. Buy color-coordinated pillows for the sofa and bed
9. Replace your worn doormat
10. Set out subtle potpourri or scented candles

Current design trends

1. Warm it up.  Instead of doing a complete remodel, try resurfacing cabinets and replacing laminate countertops.  Instead of adding a whirlpool tub, try adding multiple shower heads.  Instead of changing out vanities, replace sink fixtures.

2. Choose hard flooring.  Get rid of your carpet.  Try bamboo, cork, laminate or vinyl.

3. Create storage.  Homes today must come with Costco-size cupboards!  Use built-in dressers, shelving systems in closets, adding shelving in your garage.

4. Design with light.  Use accent lights, undercounter lights, and dimmers to help brighten the mood.