Oakland Sky Traffic

The traffic on the 80 corridor heading towards the Maze always kills me.  During rush hour (or any hour, really) I have seen the following: a man wearing a suit jacket drinking coffee directly out of the mug with no lid, a professional typing onto a laptop that was sitting in the passenger seat, and a woman curling her hair using a cordless curling iron. 

As I was sitting in traffic I noticed 3 airplanes clogging up the skyway.  They all appeared to be heading towards the airport, and it occurred to me that the sky must also have a rush hour. 

Check out this website:


Here you can see the flight path at any given time as airplanes are heading into and out of the airport.  At the time of this post (which was written during rush hour) I counted 11 airplanes on the screen.  I will have to check back tomorrow morning to see if it changed.

Need road conditions?  Go here.    http://511.org/ 

I’m heading home.  Don’t watch, you might just catch me washing my face, changing my shirt, or eating a piece of chicken (all things I have seen.)