The Bay Area in 2035

A recent report in the Contra Costa Times (Friday, Sept. 4, 2009) shows some big news for those of us still living in the Bay Area in 25 years: “We will need to find room to build more than 635,000 homes in the next 25 years to accommodate an additional 1.7 million people.”

Hmmmm.  And how does one propose we do that? 

Here is what is expected in the Bay Area in 2035:

* Population: 9 million
* Median Age: 42.2 years (it was 35.6 in 2000)
* Jobs: 5.1 million (1.6 million more than today)
* Diversity: Latinos will represent more than 30% the population and come close to surpassing whites as the largest ethnic group
* East Bay Population: 3.3 million
* Biggest East Bay City: Oakland, which will have 25% of Alameda County’s people and job
* Commute: Average commute will be 20 miles/day

Santa Clara County will grow by 33%
Alameda County will grow by 27%
San Mateo County by 22%
Contra Costa County by 21%
(Source: Association of Bay Area Governments)