$8000 Tax Credit :: Expires in 70 Days!

Are you taking full advantage of the Goverment Stimulus Programs for Homeowners? 

Did you know that the $8000 tax credit will expire in 70 days?  When you consider that the average transaction takes between 25 and 30 days that means you only have roughly 45 days to locate and get into contract on your house.

Did you know that rates are near where they were in March, which represents a 40 year low?

Did you know that the current high balance loan limits of $729,750 are set to expire at the end of December? To extend this the Government will have to pass another bill like the one they did last year (which took until March and April to be able to offer them to you).

Did you know that FHA loans are quickly becoming the number one loan amongst buyers? 

Did you know that October 1st the requirements for getting an FHA loan on a non-approved condominium complex will become more difficult?

So ladies and gentlemen, first-time home buyers and second-time home buyers, call me today because the clock is a-ticking.  Whatever questions I can’t answer, I have a fabulous team of mortgage brokers and tax people to assist you.