It’s a Scam

A client of mine recently closed on his first house.  As I do with all of my clients I forewarned him that he would receive a TON of junk mail and advised him on what to ignore and what not to ignore, and if he received anything that he was confused about to let me know.

He contacted me regarding a couple of items he received.  The first item went something like this:

“Our records indicate that you have not taken advantage of our low cost Mortgage Protection Insurance…”

To someone who doesn’t know, it looks official.  DON’T FILL IT OUT.

The second item was even better:

“Important Notice…Declaration of Homestead Request Form.”  This one included a copy of the recorded Grant Deed and was from “Title Concepts Plus.”  ARE YOU SERIOUS? 


I had no idea that these types of items were being sent out.  If you just purchased a home, be wary of ANYTHING you receive in the mail that doesn’t come from the title company you used to purchase the house, or from the bank who holds your loan.