New Signals Coming to Carlson @ I-80 Freeway in Richmond!

That is right!  There are new signals FINALLY coming to the I-80 / Carlson on and off ramps.

If you have ever driven down Carlson to head towards the freeway, you know why this is a good thing.  At any given moment, someone coming off of the 80 east side will come to a rolling stop, try to jut out into oncoming traffic swiftly so that they can get into the immediate left lane to turn onto Tehama.  Or perhaps you are heading down Carlson to get onto the 80 west on ramp, getting ready to turn left onto the freeway, and someone comes racing down Carlson at the same time you are ready to turn at the same time someone coming off of the 80 west offramp decides that they are tired of waiting and they scoot out. 


In my opinion, this is the 2nd most dangerous intersection at a freeway on/off ramp in the area (the first being the Gilman/I-80 interchange- although that isn’t really as dangerous, just crazy congested.).  I am so relieved that this will be coming our way.

If you think there is another intersection that you believe is worse than the Carlson @ I-80 one, let me know!