Eclectix is closing in El Cerrito

Eclectix is closing in El Cerrito. 

First 33 Revs, now Eclectix.  It is heartbreaking watching these small businesses continue to close.  Many of you know that I am also an artist so it is especially heartbreaking watching an art space close.  I’ve been to Eclectix, it is really a shame.

Here is what Eclectix has to say:

“Unfortunately, the economic climate to operate an art gallery has been very challenging. Thanks and appreciation to everyone for the opportunity to display all the fantastic art works and I wish all you wonderful artists lots of inspiration and success. The last four years have provided a great opportunity to contribute to the SF Bay Area art scene.

The website will evolve, into what, I am not sure. It will certainly continue to share some interesting art, commentary, events, with hopefully some additional virtual exhibits to cruise through.

A warm, warm thank you to all of you who bought art here at Eclectix and those who purchased items in the store on a regular basis. You know who you are.

The support you showed kept us going for a good bit in a hard economy.

About other small businesses: The key word here is “support” , the reality of “support” for a small business, means actually spending money there. Compliments and words are wonderful, yet do not support the unique culture of thriving, connected small businesses.

So if you like a small business, go out of your way to patronize them. Now and forever. 🙂

To those who didn’t take the plunge and add a little more art to your lives, there are still many great galleries giving you a chance to support local artists and add some personal style to your life.

And Eclectix still has available art up for sale, just follow the links on the toggle bar.

Art matters. Art makes a statement. Art influences, shapes and molds modern culture and perspectives. Some of the most significant people of each and every era became interested in art, purchased art and involved themselves in their art world. Those considered leaders in our modern culture today, whether of finance, entertainment and every other industry, understand that art is one way to explore their own unique perspective. When you take the time and effort to strengthen your own curiosity around an artist, their art or style, especially by getting to know the artist personally through various art venues and acquiring their art and displaying it on your walls, it gives you joy for years to come. As well as an inspiring conversation piece identifying you as someone in tune with what is happening around you… Art records and defines our cultural history in a way only art can.”

Why am I posting this?  Because the owners said something that I feel is so important: SUPPORT.  Support the small businesses.  If they can make it through this year, they will make it.  I LOVE Peet’s Coffee, and would go out of my way to find a Peet’s.  But I feel better supporting my local coffee shop, Well Grounded in El Cerrito, and others like it.  I want them to thrive.  I want them to succeed. 

Click here to read the article from their website.

Good by Eclectix, sorry to see another local gem go.