High Rates + Low Rates = TIME TO REFINANCE

Get rid of your interest-only and high interest rate loans now!  Check it out…

My husband and I are in the process of refinancing our house into a 5%, 30-year fixed loan with no upfront costs.  Killer!  We are also refinancing our rental from a 10-year interest only loan into a fixed loan as well, for very little cost.  Sweet!  

In talking with different people it seems that most of you aren’t aware of the current rates.  WELL…I feel it is my duty to bring this to your attention.  

If you purchased your primary residence or any rental income property using the once-popular 5 or 10 year interest-only loan, NOW IS THE TIME TO REFINANCE.  If the rate on your house is a fixed loan ABOVE 5.5%, NOW IS THE TIME TO REFINANCE.  If you are underwater on your home, you may even be able to refi into another loan based on your CURRENT MARKET VALUE!  S e r i o u s l y ??  Yes, underwater peeps have the option of doing a short refi which would allow you to refinance with another lender by short “selling” your home to your existing lender. 

**Disclaimer** What I really should say is “Now MAY be the time to refinance.”  Everyone has a different situation: different income, different credit score, different rate, different payment history, different house, different needs.  But until you try, you just won’t know.  Plus, rates are expected to jump by the end of the year and I don’t want you to miss the boat.  

I have some great mortgage brokers in my toolkit so if you are thinking: “Hmmmm, I hadn’t realized…” then call me today.