Mr. Mopps, Beloved Berkeley Toy Store, Is Closing

This morning a friend gave me some disturbing news: after 40 years of community support and business, Mr. Mopps, the beloved community toy store, is closing. 

I have dear memories of going into Mr. Mopps.  The staff there was always so friendly.  I specifically remember this one time when I went in with a 2 year old little boy, looking for a lunchbox for school.  He had something very specific in mind, Thomas the Train.  They didn’t have a Thomas the Train lunchbox, and it really upset him.  The nice woman behind the sales counter came over and said “come back in two weeks, I will have one then.”  We did, and she did.  We picked up the lunchbox and this little 2 year old boy was as happy as could be.

I find it sad that the era of locally-owned and operated stores are evaporating.  The owners want to retire, but can’t seem to find a taker.  I am the first to admit that I do shop for some toys online, but there is also something so gratifying about walking into a local store and experiencing the smell and energy.  You just can’t get that online.    

Mr. Mopps is located in Berkeley on Martin Luther King @ Rose.  Please support them while you can.