Your Meter Just Got Smarter

PG&E just got a little smarter.  By now your gas and/or electric meter has been upgraded.  It is designed to improve the service the PG&E provides.  Some of the features include:

  • Remote energy usage reading by PG&E
  • Allows you to view hourly and daily energy usage
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Faster power restoration
  • Energy alerts via text, email or phone
  • A positive impact on the environment by helping customer make better energy choices

Since getting the Smart Meter my husband and I have been able to discern exactly when we are using the bulk of our energy throughout the day.  We know that the heater takes up X-amount of energy when it comes on, we can now determine just how much the washer and dryer suck up, and our computers as well.  Very cool!

Watch your bills though, seems a few of the meters are faulty.  May take a couple of billing cycles to see the new meter results.

For more information about the PG&E SmartMeter program, visit or call 1-866-PGE-0263.