New Addition to the Team

Whenever I visit a blog I want to see how active it is.  Well, those who visit my site will see a big gap- I was a pretty dedicated blogger until my last post, which was in November.  Well, I am excited to announce that back in November I added someone new to my team.  She comes to the table with a knack for waking at all hours of the night, eating ferociously, and a very charming personality.  Yes, I am talking about Kaia, my sweet little (now!) 4 month old daughter.

I had fully intended on writing a “I am going on maternity leave” entry but on the day before I was to go on maternity leave, I went into labor.  Well there went that bright idea.  And I was determined to take a maternity leave this time around so I closed up the computer and trading real estate for diapers.

Well, the time has come to return to this amazing world, and wow has it changed.  Lots of new regulations, disclosures, and foreclosures.  I have some catching up to do, and as I do, I will catch you up too.