Timbao Tropical Restaurant and Bar in Albany

As I was walking to the gym, I saw that Club Montero’s in Albany was no more.  New signs were going up that said “Timbao Tropical Restaurant and Bar.”  Out front was a woman wearing a chef jacket.  Turns out it was Cindy, their head chef.

Cindy said that the owner of Montero’s decided it was time for something new.  Nope, wasn’t anything wrong with business.  Nothing wrong with the food.  Nothing wrong with the location.  It was simply time for a change.

I think she said the owner was Juan, so for the purpose of this blog entry let’s call him that.  Juan owns several restaurants in the area and thought it was time to add a little kick to the menu and nightlife that Club Montero’s was known for.  The bar now features latin-inspired, tropical-infused drinks, the menu is full of more tapas-like creations, and the club will now feature salsa night for all levels.

I stopped by yesterday (Mother’s Day) and the place was quite busy.  The restaurant was featuring a nice Mother’s Day menu that consisted of some of the old menu and some of the new.

I love supporting local restaurants so I look forward to giving this one a proper whirl.