Off the Grid Makes Berkeley Debut

Last night was the debut of the East Bay Off the Grid,  a mobile food truck extravaganza that debuted at the corner of Shattuck and Rose, in the same spot as the Farmer’s Market. As many of you know I am a food truck junkie (I follow many of them on Facebook) so this was an evening I have been looking forward to for weeks!

My guess is that the turnout was much bigger than expected.  The event was supposed to go from 5-9 and most trucks sold out.  My family arrived at 6:15 pm to find swarms and swarms of people.  Cupkates sold out before 6pm, 510 Burger (which is what I wanted!) sold out and was only offering french fries by 6:30, Liba Falafel, Hapa SF and Brass Knuckle had lines that were over a half hour long.  Apparently 3 trucks were a no-show.  Trucking along with two hungry kids, there was no way we could wait in line for over 30 minutes.  Despite my grumbles, we headed down Shattuck to look for something to eat.

Walking back towards the trucks just before 8pm, there were still people all around.

Next week 10 trucks are slated to show, which is the maximum the permit will allow.  Rain was expected, so perhaps that is why they weren’t 100% prepared.  Next week is the official grand opening, and you can count on seeing me there right at 5, probably in line at 510.