Mr. Mopps in Berkeley isn’t going anywhere

I received a sweet call last weekend from Devin McDonald, the new owner of Mr. Mopps in Berkeley.  The call was in response to a post I did awhile back about the store closing.  Seems people keep walking in there saying “aren’t you closing?”  Well, they aren’t!  And I am truly thrilled that they aren’t.  You see, there aren’t a lot of good, whole-hearted businesses left anymore.  Big box stores and online stores are putting so many of these local gems out of business.  I am so grateful that Devin stepped up to keep the Mr. Mopps spirit alive.

If you are looking for a real Berkeley treat, go and check out Mr. Mopps, you will be glad you did.

Visit their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Mopps.

Mr. Mopps Children’s Books and Toys
1405 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley