Cash Buyers

Dang, 33% of all home sales in California in 2010 were cash.  Cash purchases continue to rise in California, and might exceed last years high.

Yes, cash!

I just had a listing in Berkeley that received 6 offers, 2 were all cash.
My 2-bed El Cerrito listing received 4 offers, 1 was all cash.
Another listing of mine in El Cerrito received 2 offers, 1 was all cash.
My clients just presented an offer on a cute house in Berkeley, they lost to all cash.

Where is everyone getting so much cash!!??!!

I asked some people and here is what they said:

1) “My parents gave us the cash, we are paying them back.”  (couple, 34 and 35 years old)
2) “We pulled all of our money from the stock market in 2010.” (couple, 41 and 44 years old)
3) “Stocks and 401K.” (39 year old single woman)
4) “We have saved for 6 years.” (38 year old and 44 year old couple)
5) “My company gave me a loan.” (46 year old single man)

Guess there is still some cash floating around in the Bay.