El Cerrito Recycling Center Grand Re-Opening Delayed

I love the El Cerrito Recycling Center.  This is the place where you can drop off just about anything and everything that isn’t hazardous.  Metal scraps, batteries, books for re-use.  There is even a Goodwill truck parked nearby.

I was dropping of some styrofoam this morning and I noticed the new signs, the solar panels, and the round-a-bout.  I asked the friendly gentlemen who was working there when the new section would be opening.  All systems appeared ready.  He said that the grand reopening, which was scheduled for last month, has been postponed for another month or so, said the delay had something to do with EBMUD and connecting the water main system.  Contra Costa Times reported this on Monday.

El Cerrito Recycling Center is a LEED Platinum and Net Zero Energy redevelopment project sponsored by the City of El Cerrito.

For a complete list on where to recycle which items, click here.

For a picture of the new recycling center, click here.