Great Reuse Idea For Ordinary Things

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to organize.  If I don’t have an organized household I don’t have an organized life.  Being organized makes me feel efficient and clean.  I know, I know.  (Hey, my clients LOVE that I am organized!)  So I always love it when I find some cool new organization tips or a great way to rework the ordinary.

Today’s tip comes from my last trip to Pottery Barn.  I was there last week picking up a few items (have you seen their cool mason jar mugs?  LOVE!)  While in line I saw this great idea on their wall.  It utilizes a simple accordion row of hooks.  This accordions designed use is for: “hanging coats, towels, scarves and more” but Pottery Barn was displaying a series of hanging pictures from the hooks.  They used some twine and hung the pictures from them.

This is a GREAT solution if you have those annoying plaster walls, or if you like to change out your pictures on a regular basis.

(no comments on the photography!)