A Day at the Berkeley Rose Garden

Berkeley Rose Garden

Friday was a gorgeous day and I decided to take my girls to play and hike at Cordonices Park and check out the Berkeley Rose Garden.  It was a magical day, full of fun, adventure, and sliding.

Bridges of Cordonices Park

If you haven’t been over to Cordonices, you should really check it out.  On the backside of the park there are tons of paths for hiking and bridges for crossing.  My 4 year old was pretty certain there were fairies frolicking about.  In looking at the pictures, she might be right!

The park itself is one-of-a-kind.  There is a long and windy cement slide.  Grab a piece of cardboard, sit down, and go!  Be careful though, this thing goes fast!  Take your tot into the gated totlot and go for a train ride.  Bring your bikes, a soccer ball, and a picnic and you can spend hours here.

Rose Garden in February

Through the tunnel and adjacent to the tennis courts you will find the Rose Garden.  Magical is the only way to describe this place.  From up above there are views of the bay, down below there is a babbling stream melodically singing through the air.  I have never been at this time of the year, when there aren’t blooms on the roses.  But I am so glad I went because I was able to see behind the scent and abundant color of the roses to find a mystical, almost enchanting, forest.  And to have done it with my girls was the greatest gift.

My girl Melia!