Kensington Pub Meets New Owners

The Kensington Circus Pub

Ah yes, it is true, I heard it from the horse’s mouth.  On Sunday night we ventured to the Kensington Circus Pub with friends for some good beer, good food, and good fun.  {With young kids, this is the B E S T place to go for dinner}  While there we asked the manager for the scoop, and he said that they are expecting the new owners to take over March 15th.  Although the new owners intend to manage the pub themselves, not much else is expected to change.  Sure enough, posted on the infamous pub’s Facebook page, is the announcement.


Thank goodness it isn’t closing…these were the rumors in the rumor mill for a bit.

You gotta eat this: bangers and mash, fish-n-chips, shepherd’s pie, and a pitcher of Boddinton’s.

The pub is located at

389 Colusa Ave
Kensington, CA 94707

(510) 524-8814

Sign, The Circus Pub