Cafe Clem in Berkeley

A colleague recently told me about a little gem across from the downtown Berkeley library, Cafe Clem.  The next day my husband and I took our daughter there for breakfast before her preschool graduation.  (yes, a preschool graduation…that is another story)

We were pleasantly surprised.  The staff was friendly, the facilities were stylish and modern, and the food was tasty.  We ordered an egg dish, french toast, and a day old pastry.  The egg dish was good, but on the small side and it didn’t really fill me up.  The french toast was very decadent…if you like sweets in the morning this is the ticket.  And for a Friday around 10am, this place was packed.

At the end of our meal, guess who walked in?  My colleague who told me about the joint.  Thanks for the introduction, Janet!

Cafe Clém Downtown Berkeley Cafe : NOW OPEN!!!
2020 Kittredge Street | Berkeley CA 94704

HOURS:  M-F 7am to 5pm, Sat & Sun 8am-4pm
(510) 280-3881


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