Dear Buyers: Time To Occupy Real Estate?

Stop the Madness!

Dear buyers of Berkeley, Albany and Oakland real estate:

At some point the craziness must end!  How long can this go on?  21 offers here, no contingencies there, $175k over asking here, all cash there…

My buyers, my colleague’s buyers, my neighbor who is buying…are all frustrated!  Rates are low, prices are on the rise, and we have no inventory.  Have you heard of artificial appreciation?  It’s here!

I was having lunch with a client and through conversation we decided it was time to: Occupy Berkeley Real Estate.  No, not in the sense of occupy real estate to build wealth, but occupy real estate to stop the madness!  So come on, go out and fight the madness!  Go march down the streets of Berkeley and tell the sellers you won’t stand for it!  Seriously, the only way to win in this market is a non-contingenct offer?  Are you kidding?

Come on dear buyers, stand up for your rights!  Just make sure you make it back in time for me to present your 8th offer on the house down the street.  And to you sellers out there?  SELL NOW!!


Krista Miller, Realtor
aka fighter and negotiator who wants to get buyers offers accepted and sellers houses sold!