Benchmark Pizza opens in Kensington

I just love good pizza.  So it is no surprise that I was eagerly counting down the days when Benchmark Pizza, the newest eatery in the Kensington Circle, would open.   We met some friends there for the grand opening celebration on July 20th.  There were tons and tons of people waiting, and it wasn’t long before we were seated.  It was a warm day, and a pitcher of the beer-on-tap was delivered.  Before long there loads of friends from Melia’s preschool there so the kids were running around and having a good time.

We ordered a variety of pizzas, including kids cheese, buffalo mozzarella, salami, fennel and something, and more.  The pizza was about a 10″ pizza, and VERY tasty.  For some added deliciousness the crust is delicately sprinkled with a little crunchy sea salt.  Mmmmm.  We ordered a salad, it was fresh and tasty.

Overall the food was delicious, ingredients were fresh and local, service friendly, beer and wine on tap was appreciated, prices were a little high.  The soft serve wasn’t ready yet, but I just heard that it is now up and running so you can bet that I will be back.

Check out this picture of us taken via the El Cerrito Patch: I am in the baseball hat on the right and my littlest is in the pink shirt with the adorable curly hair.