{New Listing} Memories of 2301 Gloria St in El Cerrito

Check it out!  I just listed a great El Cerrito house in the Mira Vista Hills area near Canyon Trail Park.  This spacious and sunny home features 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, 2127 square feet and bay views.  The sellers lived there for over 37 years, and my good friend grew up in that house.

It is always emotional going through the process of selling a family home.  The house was full of decades of memories- boxes and boxes of items from former jobs, little tchotchke’s from holidays, birthday parties, and raising a family.  There was stuff in every little nook and cranny.  The wood floors were covered in a bright orange carpet, and the kitchen tile matched.  It was one of those homes that had so much history, so much love.

Then everything moved out, and the construction crew moved in.  That is when you have to detach yourself because the house is no longer yours.

What I love about working with this family are the stories.  Each time I meet up with the sellers, there are new stories being told.  “I asked for a moon bridge and that is what I got!  [points to the bridge on the back deck]  That isn’t a moon bridge!  Go to China and you will see what a moon bridge is supposed to look like!”  and “The Christmas tree always had to go right here [points to a particular spot in front of the living room window] so that we could see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge behind it.”  My favorite is the story of the lemon tree.  “People always wanted our lemons.  I don’t know why, but they make darn good lemonade.”  Well, perhaps that is why.

The transformation of this house from what it was to what it is is astonishing.  So many memories, packed up and moved out.  Now it is time for new memories to be created.  Please join me at the open house this Sunday, September 9th from 2:00 – 4:30 and feel the memories still alive.