NEW LISTING: 557 59th St, Oakland

Exterior of cottage and garden

Just listed!  557 59th St. in Oakland.  $169,000

I remember when I sold this house to the seller, lets call him Brian.  It was 2006, the market was crazy (like today), and multiple offers were happening left and right.  I was touring with my colleague Eric when I saw this place.  It was 2 houses on one lot, but they had been condo-ized, each with its own private garden.  The price, size, location, and condition was perfect for Brian- not many people can live in 500 square feet, but I knew he could.  It was modern, updated, and creative- in essence, it was Brian.  I called him up, showed it to him two hours later, and got him into contract.  It was love.

We went through inspections, negotiations, and closing.  On the day that escrow closed we met so I could give him the keys.  I will never forget the look on his face.  He was, to this day, my most energetic and excited buyer.  To him, owning a part of the “American Dream” didn’t seem to be a reality, but on this day, it happened.

Brian was married this past year and realized fast that this adorable little cottage that he called home for the past 6 years would soon outgrow his new and future family.  He made the very tough call to leave.  He and his wife moved on, but I know that he and I will never forget that day when I gave him the keys.

Interior with vaulted ceilings and wood floors
Front of the house from the courtyard