Where to Recycle Oddities

Did you know that…

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery recycles plastic plant pots and plant trays. Pots should be empty and clean. Drop off outside nursery anytime. The nursery is located at 1310 McGee Avenue, in North Berkeley, between Hopkins and Rose. The drop-off location is on Rose near Monterey. Look for the sign.

Need to get rid of clean, wearable clothes?  Many cities have a clothing swap.  Albany holds theirs quarterly at the community center.  The next one is Thursday, April 25th at 7:30. Bring what you want to get rid of and take from others what you can use.

Styrofoam can be taken to the El Cerrito Recycling Center?  Expanded styrene blocks (like TV shipping corners) are densified at EC Recycling, turning it into a commodity used in manufacturing. This is definitely recycle.  They accept packing peanuts and bubble wrap for residents to take and reuse.

Freecycle is an online exchange community where people, including myself, have given away odds-n-ends that are no longer needed.