Beer Garden and Food Trucks Heading to Westbrae in Berkeley?

Spotted: Beer garden

What?  Is this for real?  Is there really a beer garden coming to North Berkeley?  At a recent neighborhood block party I heard about this idea coming to town.  “WHUT?” I said.  “A beer garden in North Berkeley?”  My neighbor said “In the Westbrae district, across from the bagel shop.”  The next day I grabbed my running shoes and went for a run down to Berkeley Bagels on Gilman, near Santa Fe.  Sure enough, right across the street, I saw this:

Proposed drawing for the Westbrae Food Garden

In doing some further investigation it seems I missed this announcement from Albany Patch- they knew about this in May.  “Biergarten” it is called.  Oh this just keeps getting better!

Outdoor seating and a fire pit…oh yah!

Tents placed over seating for year-round enjoyment?  Wow!  This is like a page from my “what-is-missing-in-Berkeley” book.

And guess which food truck is first in line to apply?  RoliRoti.  Oh holy rotisserie chicken goodness.

Check out this rendering posted on Berkeleyside!   You bet I will be hangin’ my jacket here.