Creative use for flor tiles

REWIND TO EARLIER THIS YEAR:  I am a designer at heart.  I can easily look at a room and figure out how to organize, construct, and bring in color.  I love new ideas, being creative, and especially when using standard materials in different ways.

Earlier this year I was out on Broker’s Tour and happened upon this great house in the Berkeley Hills.  It was full of clean, modern design while embracing architectural aesthetic.  There were steps to the upper level, dark and mysterious.  But on the treads I spotted a new use for a traditional item: flor tiles as a decorative, non-slip treatment.  So I did what I always do when I find something cool- I took a picture.

Recently a client was discussing options for making their steps non-slip without having to put down a runner.  I said “I know!” and instantly went into my camera roll.  And lookie lookie!

So this is for you, Michele.

Bring on the flor

Bring on the flor