Harry Potter House and 70’s style Hot tub

Every Thursday Krista and I get to go out and preview the new homes on the market that week.  And its one of my favorite parts of this job. I’ve always been nosy and there is something so satisfying about getting a sneak peak at what’s about to hit the market. Some weeks there is nothing really of interest but this past week we came upon not one but count ’em two really interesting homes.  The first was this really cool ranch style house in Kensington — built and pretty much untouched since the Brady Bunch lived there, including this amazing “wet” room. Check it out:

Cobblestoned shower

Not only is that a gigantic cobble-stoned shower but right next to it was this:

hot tub shower

So there you have it — shower and hot tub all in one!  There’s Krista “taking a shower. ” 🙂

And then there was the Harry Potter house.  This house had amazing exposed brick walls, high rounded ceilings and this amazing hidden staircases inside a real life brick turret.

Stairs in turret


Cool right?!