Rethinking Your Stairs

MC Escher, Penrose Stairs

MC Escher, Penrose Stairs

Stairs.  One of a flight or series of steps for going from one level to another, as in a building.  A collective of steps.  A series or flight of steps.

Many homes in our area feature gorgeous, wooden stairs, complete with wooden balusters and handrails.  Many feature large, stately posts while others are lined in classic wainscoting.  Some are wood, some are not, some are painted, some are not.

What all stairs have in common is that they are a “well of light affording interconnecting views from one level to the next.”

What does this mean when it comes time to sell?  If your stairs can be seen from the front door you would be best suited to ensure that they are a focal point.  Are they clean, well-lit, open and inviting?  Or are they dark and scuffed?  Are the pictures in the stairwell artfully designed to create warmth and comfort?  Is there a light fixture?  If so, what sort of a story does it tell?

One of my favorite memories growing up was using our stairs as a slide.  Maybe that would be a good marketing point as well.

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