Alternative Green Grass at its Finest

With the drought in full force homeowner’s everywhere are trying to figure out what to do with their grass.  Water it and risk being fined or yelled at by your neighbors?  Pull it out and plant drought-resistant plants?  Let it die?  If you like green grass and want to be environmentally conscious then here are some great options for keeping your grass green without the water.

  1. ASTROTURF.  There are so many amazing options in astroturf these days.  We are seeing it pop up all over the neighborhood.  Some yards look better than others, and some look so real you have to touch it to tell the difference.  SYNLawn is a company that specializes in pet areas, play areas, and even rooftops and patio decks.  Astroturf isn’t just for stadiums and miniature golf courses anymore, it is for our yards as well!  Better Than Real Artificial Grass is a Bay Area company that is ecofriendly and 100% made in the USA.  Want a realistic lawn?  Look for a thatched version with multiple colors.
  2. GRASS PAINT.  Eliminate the burnt out and dead look with 4evergreen by EnviroColor.  Naturally safe for plants, pets and people.  Another option is LawnLift.
  3. VINYL LAWN: Have a playful indoor space that you are looking to bring to life?  Murafloor “Lawn” is the solution.  Slip resistant, waterproof, simple and easy to install.
  4. RECYCLED GLASS: Recycled glass is showing up in our kitchens and baths, but did you know it is also appearing in our landscaping?  You can purchase landscaping glass rocks for a green alternative.

What not to do?  THIS:


Spotted in a sad, Berkeley parking strip