Knew It! Dishwasher Do’s + Don’ts


I knew it!

Fork tines up or down?  Rinse or scrape?

Here is a few dishwasher do’s and don’ts:

  • DO: use a rinse aid – it helps relieve dishes of pesky water spots and allows them to dry quickly
  • DON’T: place smaller plates behind larger ones – they will be missed by the spray
  • DO: organize utensils by type with forks and spoons face up to save time unloading
  • DON’T: leave food in the garbage disposal while running the dishwasher
  • DO: run the dishwasher at night so you save on utility costs
  • DON’T: wash knives, non-stick pans and cookware, wood or cast iron in the dishwasher
  • DO: unload from bottom to top to avoid spilling any water from the top shelf onto the bottom shelf

and finally, what we have been telling our friends and family for years…

  • DON’T: rinse your plates – scraping is better.  Even though it may go against every dishwashing bone in your body pre-rinsing wastes water and isn’t necessary if you run the machine within a day.  And today’s machines can handle food residue.  One exception?  Rice.  Rice can clog the drain hose so it is worth rinsing off every grain.