What Are Those Accessory Dwelling Units All About?

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Accessory Dwelling Unit in Richmond, CA

Yes, it is true.  We have a shortage of housing.  Are you surprised?  Considering this has been the case for the past 4-1/2 years I don’t think you are.  But guess what?  There {may} be a creative solution for those who are looking for a little…more…space & a little…extra…income.

Recently Berkeley enacted an ordinance that would allow certain homeowners to streamline the process for adding on secondary units, either attached or detached, to their primary residence.  Accessory Dwelling Units, aka ADU’s, aka

  • secondary units
  • granny flats
  • carriage houses
  • in-law apartments
  • apartments over the garage
  • a tiny house {with a foundation} in the backyard
  • basement apartments

can be a way for homeowners {of their primary residence} to get some additional income to help cover their mortgage costs and property taxes.  This could be a great way to help aid in the housing shortage situation and cover rising costs of homeownership.

But it isn’t that simple.  The rules are complex, there are size restrictions, and the legal owner must live on the property in the main unit of the ADU.

Currently Oakland and Richmond have similar ordinances.

Think an ADU is something for you?  We can help!  We will connect you with the right entities to determine eligibility; once that has been determined we will sit with you to discuss whether it makes financial sense for your real estate goals.  Additionally we can connect you with reputable contractors, engineers or architects.  What will it cost?   Expect building costs to be $300 – $350 per square foot.

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