Bay Area Home Prices By Transit Stop

We have all seen the headlines showing that Bay Area home prices are off the charts.  I mean seriously, when I saw that the median price in Alameda County went above $700k I practically spit out my coffee.  But it is starting to get a little crowded around here, and buyers are wondering where they can move to and still commute to work via public transportation.

Enter estately.com, the super sleek and sexy online real estate search app.  Estately real estate search decided to see what housing prices were doing around the various real estate transit lines, like BART.  They analyzed home sales within a 1 mile radius of each BART and CalTrain stop and broke them down to price per square foot.  Here is what they found:


Source: estately.com

With prices like these your best bet is to head to the East Bay- to the end of the line, like Richmond or Bay Point.