San Leandro is 15 minutes from…

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come in, take a look, make an offer, move in

We have a new listing in San Leandro – a simply sweet, 2 bedroom – 1 bath home located on a quaint tree-lined street.  978 Hutchings in San Leandro is a friendly home with a friendly vibe.  It is the home of a dear friend of Krista’s, and now it is time to find the next owner.

So why would you want to live all the way down in San Leandro, away from the hustle and bustle?  Well, you are in for a big surprise.

Did you know that San Leandro is 15 minutes from:

  • The Oakland Zoo
  • Emeryville
  • Jack London Square
  • the 580/880/80 interchange
  • San Mateo Bridge
  • Fremont
  • Downtown Oakland
  • Oakland Airport

And did you know that San Leandro is home to:

  • So much beer!  Drake’s Barrel Room, 21st Amendment Brewery tasting room and Cleophus Quealy Beer Company – each is relatively new to San Leandro and nothing says cool and hip like beer.
  • Great coffee!  Zocalo Coffeehouse, at 645 Bancroft, is an independent coffee spot where guests can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, read a book from their own library, or play a game of chess.
  • Delicious eats!  Paradiso Restaurant is a fine dining establishment with a family-friendly feel; Rock N Roll Sushi is a great little spot with some amazing sashimi; Fifth Wheel is a hole-in-the wall breakfast spot that can cook up a delicious, home-cooked breakfast.

Beer, beer beer!


Zocalo coffee

And do you want to know the really awesome part about all of this?  Our new listing is priced at a favorable price of $450,000 – well below anything you can purchase in Oakland or Berkeley where good beer / coffee / food are a fingertip away.