1022 Creston, Berkeley: A Seller’s Story

We love our Sellers!  And we love the houses they own.  Each one is unique, both in style, purpose, and history.  Some of our Sellers have lived in the their home for years, others decades.  But we have never had a Seller build their own home.

We were super fortunate to be asked to represent the Sellers on this beautiful home, 1022 Creston, located in the Berkeley Hills.




Holy views!

The Seller’s purchased the vacant lot about 15 years ago.  Sellers who build a home have the ability to add in a level of personality that isn’t always found in a partial remodel.  The Seller’s, who love to travel, filled the home with many European features, such as 220v in each room, bidets in all baths, an open-air carport, German appliances, and light-switches galore.  Want to build a deck?  The Seller’s added in the supports; build a fence?  The infrastructure is there.  Both engineers, the Seller’s also filled the home with the structural stability of a fortress.

The Seller’s love(d) their home.  From the many gatherings to the music that was made it was a home of happiness and joy.  They have now retired, and it became clear to them that it was time to move on.

The Seller’s also had an amazing collection of furniture and art.  Rosie and I helped to save them money by using their own furniture to stage the home.  While the Seller’s were away we transformed this lived-in home into a showpiece.


Decluttered counters, organized cookbooks by color


Took spare furniture, art and rugs to stage an empty room


Removed a large desk and added in small furniture with rug


Moved the dining room table, added in throw pillows on the couches

It isn’t always easy to sell a home that was custom-built.  Sometimes the features aren’t what cater to the majority of buyers.  Interestingly enough, this house was well-received by many.  And even more interesting?  Most of the buyers who submitted offers were engineer’s themselves.

An offer was accepted, and the new Buyer’s will move in soon.  I wonder what sort of story they will write.  Hopefully it is one of continued joy for many years to come.

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