Memorial at Highwire Coffee in Albany for 2 of the employees who tragically lost their lives in the fire

Our office, Berkeley Hills Realty, along with the entire East Bay community, is grieving the loss of 36 young lives in the recent massive warehouse Ghost Ship fire that occurred on December 2nd in the Fruitvale District of Oakland. The East Bay artist community makes the region vibrant and eclectic and many lives have been affected by this tragic event.

Red Oak Realty, a fellow East Bay real estate company, has a non-profit component called ROOF-Red Oak Opportunity Foundation and quickly created a fundraiser to help those affected by the fire. ROOF started with a matching fund of $2500; our terrific office jumped right in and also matched that $2500.  What I love about this is that our local real estate offices, who are competitors on the surface, don’t care about the competition.  We all step up when it is needed.

From now through December 12th, all contributions to ROOF, will be matched up to $5000 and go to support the communities, first responders and families affected by the fire.

We are so grateful to Red Oak Realty for setting this up, and to my office, Berkeley Hills Realty, for matching the call.

If you would like to donate, please go to

The local non-profit, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, has established a fundraiser through for those affected by the fire. The Oakland/Berkeley Association of Realtors, through their Community Funds Program, is also offering a matching donation to help the victims’ families with unexpected costs up to $5000 towards the fundraising goal of the Gray Area Foundation.

Our Realtor community is an amazing and caring group of people and we all are sending prayers to everyone affected by the fire.

Krista + Rosie