Should You Stage?

Are you thinking of selling your home?  If you want to sell your home for more money then you might want to stage.

Before Staging…After Staging

Dreams Sell Homes

One of the reasons staging works is because it sells a dream: the dream of what it might be like to live in the home.  People are emotional beings and tend to make decisions based on an emotional response.  The bigger the response, the more likely they are to submit an offer.  If the buyer feels at home, and an emotional connection is made, then the buyer may be willing to look beyond price and competition in order to make their dream home come true.

Staging gives depth and dimension and adds interest to the photo

Looks Better Online

When your home is on the market it must effectively tell a story, not just in person but also online.  Since 90% of home searches occur online it is important that the photos convey an emotional response (remember the part about the dream?).  Most buyers will first see photos on their mobile device, which means the first images they see will be in a 1.5″ x 1″ format.  Potential buyers decide within the first 90 seconds of looking at photos to determine if it is worth seeing in person; when you have an empty room it is impossible to gauge the size of the room…add in furniture and the buyer can see the possibilities.

These before and afters show how staging helps to show the buyer what can actually fit in the space

First Impressions

Regardless of reality, a staged, well-photographed home gives the appearance of being well-maintained  Take a look at the examples above.  What is the response when you look at the first photo versus the second?  Fewer than 10% of buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home so having it staged makes it easier for even the most unimaginative buyer to picture themselves living there.

What Will it Cost Me?

Relative to the amount of time and expense needed, staging is a great investment.  The costs vary depending on the stager and location, and whether you need a full or partial stage.  It also depends on whether the stager will make recommendations, such as new paint, new light fixtures, etc.  Most Stagers charge a minimum, which usually starts around $2500, depending on the Stager.  For a full staging expect the cost to range from $4000 – $8000 depending on the size of the house.

Beautifully staged living room and dining room

Bottom Line

The reality of today’s market is that most homes are staged, and those that are staged sell for more money in a shorter period of time.  Recently, while showing a family of four some homes, the 7 year old daughter of our client said it best: “Wait mommy, there isn’t a kids room in this house.  Where will I sleep?”  This home wasn’t staged and the child, even with her broad imagination, couldn’t see past the blank slate.

While we always want you to sell your home for the most money possible we recognize that the investment may not be possible for all Sellers.  You may have options so call us today for a personalized consultation to see what your options are.