What is like to live at 737 Cornell in Albany, CA?

{kitchen} heart of the house

Story #1: A Day in the Life at 737 Cornell, Albany, CA

Located one block from Solano Ave shops + restaurants it is easy to see why the location is sa-weet!  Walk, bike, roll, scoot, crawl, run, meander…no matter how you get around you can do it all, without a car!

It is 6am and you are headed out the blue door and on your way to the gym; 6 minutes later you arrive at the Albany YMCA.  Work out, head home, shower.  7am and your 2nd grader tip toes down the hall on the beautiful wood floors, and slides into the breakfast bar and asks for eggs; meanwhile your 6th grader makes her own lunch on top of the butcher block island and piles her breakfast dishes in the sink, forgetting about the brand new dishwasher.  She heads downstairs to her room to get dressed and brush teeth.  Your partner walks the kids to school and you head to Hal’s Coffee for a delicious latte.

There is a lot to do so you head home.  Working from home is easy when you live here.  You have a small desk off of the dining room where all of your research happens – you are working on a research project through UC Berkeley.  You look outside and see the sun coming through, and decide to grab a handful of gooseberries.  Delicious!  Back to work as you have a 2pm deadline.  By now it is noon and you meet a friend for lunch at Sunnyside Cafe.  Back to work, back to writing, meet the deadline.

You stop work a little early so that you can pick up some bay leaves from Oaktown Spice before grabbing the kids.  The kids are now home – one is doing homework in her room and the other one is watching tv and doing somersaults in the family room; you are prepping dinner while looking out onto the hills.  The neighbor pops by to say hello and asks how your day was.  You open up a bottle of wine and share a glass on the back patio.

Your partner is home from work, dinner is ready, everyone is gathered around the table on the back patio and talking about their day.  You head out for a walk around the block and discover that there is live jazz at Rendezvous Cafe so you stop for a moment and listen.  You see another neighbor, and walk home together.

The kids are ready for bed, you throw in a load of laundry but realize you are out of laundry detergent; your partner heads walks to Trader Joes to grab laundry detergent, and milk.  You put the kids to bed then sit down in the living room next to the light and curl up with a good book.  You fall asleep, and wake up when your partner opens to door.  You throw in that load of laundry and then binge watch something ridiculous on TV with your partner by your side.

All of this, and you never once opened the door to the car.