Top Things to do around 86 Anair Way in Oakland

Favorite things to do near 86 Anair Way in Oakland

86 Anair Way, situated at the base of the Oakland foothills, is located in a secret little community that many people are not familiar with.  As soon as you exit the freeway and head west on 98th it is very easy to pass up the community of Anair Way.  But if you know it exists you are in for a real surprise.  Because not only is this sweet + serene community located in a gated community on top of a quaint hillside but it is located within a 10 – 15 minute drive of so many incredible offerings within the Bay Area.

The above photo shows just how close 86 Anair Way is to hiking, shopping, swimming, and more.  We also thought it would be fun to chat with our Seller to see what are her favorite things to do around her neighborhood.  These, according to the Seller of 86 Anair Way in Oakland, are the top 5 things to do in Oakland around her townhome that is currently for sale.

  1. “Going up the hill to Leona Canyon Regional Park (entrance off of Canyon Oaks Drive) and taking a hike up through the woods, along the rushing creek….it’s like being in the middle of a forest and is just 5 minutes from my place.  You can see all kinds of wildlife, from red-tailed hawks, to deer, foxes, & many other birds.”
  2. “Dinner at Moussaka in San Leandro…amazing Mediterranean cuisine at a family owned restaurant with very friendly & attentive staff, meals with really fresh ingredients and flavorful spices & seasonings,…the crispy spiced Brussels Sprouts and 7 Vegetable Tagine are delicious.  Their brunch is also wonderful.”
  3. “Spending a warm summer’s day at Lake Chabot Regional Park….perfect spot for picnicking, taking a walk or bike ride along the shore, lounging in the sunshine, fishing, or renting a kayak or patio boat to spend time on the water.  Great place for family gatherings in the great outdoors.”
  4. “Swimming year-round at the Trefethen Aquatic Center at Mills College….in a warm, salt-water pool that’s surrounded by a park-like setting.  Lots of adult lap lanes open for a variety of hours, with day-long access in the summertime.  And an open swim area for families with kids.  They even offer lessons & water aerobics.  A small fee gets you in, & they have a 10-swim card for a discount or a monthly membership, if you plan to go often. Best way to cool off when the temperatures go up in August!”
  5. “For over 20 years, Zocalo Coffeehouse has been a cozy spot to hang out and get your coffee-fix, they roast their own beans!….Located nearby in North San Leandro, they call it the Living Room of San Leandro.  Awesome brunch on Sat. & Sun, their Benedicts are scrumptious.”  And it is a 5 minute drive.

So, if you are curious about this secret little spot located in the foothills of Oakland, stop by one of our scheduled open houses.

86 Anair Way will be open Sunday 3/17 from 2:00 – 4:30.